𝙏𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙥𝙖𝙜𝙚 𝙪𝙨𝙚𝙨 𝙖𝙛𝙛𝙞𝙡𝙞𝙖𝙩𝙚 𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙠𝙨. 𝙒𝙝𝙚𝙣 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙘𝙡𝙞𝙘𝙠 𝙖𝙣𝙮 𝙖𝙛𝙛𝙞𝙡𝙞𝙖𝙩𝙚 𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙠, 𝙬𝙚 𝙜𝙚𝙩 𝙖 𝙨𝙢𝙖𝙡𝙡 𝙘𝙤𝙢𝙢𝙞𝙨𝙨𝙞𝙤𝙣 𝙖𝙩 𝙣𝙤 𝙘𝙤𝙨𝙩 𝙩𝙤 𝙮𝙤𝙪

Best Deck Stain for Weathered Wood (7 Deck Stains To Restore Old Wood)

If you’re looking for the best deck stain for weathered wood, then you’ve come to the right place. We have just the perfect recommendations for you. Read on…

Below, you are going to discover 7 of the best top-rated deck stains that are most suitable for weathered wood.

Here are the 7 Best Deck Stains for Weathered Wood at a Glance;

Why Should You Stain Your Weathered Wooden Deck?

The wooden deck on your house certainly makes a beautiful addition to your property. It makes a perfect relaxation place and oh does it look marvelous with the addition of a few patio furniture and even a small barbeque fireplace.

However, without proper care and maintenance, the wood on your deck ends up losing its natural oils and becomes extremely dry and porous. Of course, this is bound to happen after prolonged exposure to the UV rays of the sun, rain, snow, and other external elements.

If your deck looks old and weathered, you can give it a complete makeover by simply applying a high-quality deck stain and it will look as good as new.

One of the biggest benefits of benefits of a deck wood stain is that it provides a protective layer of protection against weathering. If the right stain is used and the staining is done right, your wooden deck can last a very long time.

In fact, a good quality oil-based semitransparent stain can last up to 3-4 years. Of course, the staining has to be done professionally in order to last this long.

That said, lets let’s have a look at 7 of the best deck stains for weather wood.

Best Deck Stain for Weathered Wood (Our Top 7 Picks)


1. Ready Seal 130 1-Gallon Can Mahogany Exterior Deck Wood Stain and Sealer

Ready Seal Exterior Wood Stain and Sealer

Ready Seal 130-1-Gallon Mahogany Exterior Wood Stain and Sealer enhances the natural beauty of most types of woods by allowing the texture and grain of the wood to remain visible.

As an oil-based, semi-transparent all in one stain and sealer, the ReadSeal 130 is an excellent choice for all your exterior wood projects.

It’s an excellent choice for improving the weathered wood on your deck. This is because it penetrates deeply into the wood in order to preserve it and protect it from the damaging effects of elements such as UV rays from the sun, mold, and mildew.

As you probably know, oil-based wood stains tend to be waterproof and therefore won’t allow water to seep in. This of course eliminates the possibility of the wood rotting after developing mold or mildew.

Furthermore, the fact that it includes a sealer protects the wood further from UV and water penetration

Application is quite easy. The wood stain can be easily applied using either a sprayer, a roller, a brush, a staining pad, or even a staining rag.

NB: A lot of experts suggest using a staining rag to apply wood stain as it’s faster, easier, and less messy. Here is a very informative article that discusses the best kind of staining rags to use for wood staining projects.


What You’ll Love About the ReadySeal 130 Wood Stain and Sealer;


Besides providing a highly protective layer for your wood deck, this wood stain/sealer offers a wide range of benefits as well;

  •   It does not require any back brushing


  •   The stain does not leave any streaks, runs, or laps


  •   The stain comes ready-to-use- you don’t need to dilute it or thin it before applying it


  •   The wood stain does not require wet-line application- this formulation will easily blend itself and can be applied in any given temperature range for perfect application


  •   The stain does not require any primer


  •   The stains takes approximately 48-72 hours to dry completely. This is quite normal with oil-based wood stains as oil takes a bit longer to dry compared to water. However, it’s important to note that the drying time may vary depending on factors such as the surface porosity of the wood. temperature, and moisture


  •   Ideal for all types of wood including premium-grade lumbers, spruce, redwoods, western red cedar, douglas fir, cypress, and many others


  •   ReadySeal is biodegradable when in contact with water and soil


  •   ReadySeal the current level of VOCs requirements in the U.S



NB: Usually, the ReadSeal stain and sealer reaches its true color after around 14 days after application. You’ll notice that it’s quite dark when it’s first applied. So wait at least 2 weeks to see its actual color.


Overall, ReadySeal does a great job at staining and sealing weathered wood as it offers a highly protective layer against external elements that may further degrade it.

It’s a popular wood stain among woodworkers and if you’re wondering whether it lasts long, you bet it does!


Check its latest price here


2. DEFY Extreme 1 Gallon Semi-Transparent Exterior Deck Wood Stain


DEFY Extreme 1 Gallon Semi-Transparent Exterior Wood Stain

The Defy Extreme Exterior Wood Stain is a water-based semi-transparent wood stain that gives the old and weathered wood on your deck a premium look and a long-lasting protective stain layer.

There are a few reasons why the DEFY Exterior Wood Stain is an excellent choice for weathered wood;

  •   The stain is made with premium quality resins that have superior resistance to fading and darkening


  •   The stain has been fortified with Zinc Nano-Particle Technology that pretty much acts like a sunscreen for your wood deck. These particles are typically dispersed throughout this wood stain which allows them to reflect the damaging UltraViolet rays of the sun. This helps protect the already weathered wood from color loss and premature graying


  •   The semi-transparent wood stain typically lasts one or two seasons compared to most exterior water-based wood stains


  •   It’s an excellent choice for decks, fences, siding, and other exterior wood projects


Additionally, the DEFY Wood Stain is extremely easy to care for and maintain. Whenever you need to apply a maintenance coat, you don’t really need to sand or strip the surface. You can apply the coat right over the surface and it will still look great.

As far as safety is concerned, this wood stain is 250 VOC compliant. However, this particular stain only ships in all states except the state of California. California residents can however purchase the DEFY Extreme 40 which is compliant in the state of California.


Our Verdict

The DEFY Exterior Wood Stain is one of the best deck stains for weathered wood, given its superior quality and durability. Not only is it long-lasting, but it also leaves your old and weathered deck looking as good as new for a very long time.

It’s sold at a reasonable price and is quite safe as its 250 VOC compliant in all states except California.


Check its latest price here 


3. SaversSystems #1 Deck Premium Semi-Transparent Wood Deck Stain

#1 Deck Premium Semi-Transparent Wood Stain for Decks

The SaverSystem #1 Deck Wood Stain is yet another incredibly high-quality wood stain that gives your deck a brand new and long lasting look.

It’s a water-based deck stain that protects against graying and color loss from your stained deck. The stain formulation typically creates a protective layer against external elements especially the sun and rain. Since it also doubles as a sealer, this product makes wood completely waterproof, your deck becomes less prone to rotting and decay.

The stain is ideal for various types of woods such as redwood, douglas fir, cedar, pressure-treated pine, and other types of softwoods.

If you intend to apply the stain on your hardwood deck, the manufacturer recommends applying more maintenance coats.

Other benefits of the SaverSystems #1 Semi-Transparent Deck Stain;

  •   Available in 5 different colors


  •   Gives a natural looking finish that will greatly improve the aesthetics of your weathered wood


  •   Easy to clean-just use soap and water to the deck


  •   Works pretty well on damp wood as well. However, make be sure to minimize the wait time between cleaning and staining


  •   Resists peeling as well


  •   Makes the wood grain more visible


  •   A perfect choice for fences, decks, patio furniture, playsets, wood siding, and other weathered exterior furniture


  •   VOC Compliant- contains less than 50 grams of VOCs per liter, so its VOC compliant in a majority of states in the United States


Our Verdict; The SaverSystems Deck stain is an excellent choice for all types of weathered wood. Since it’s a water-based stain, it won’t last as long as an oil-based stain. However, it lasts for as long as it’s intended, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

The stain is available in 1-Gallon and 2.5 Gallons. It’s also reasonably priced. All you have to do is choose your preferred size and color and give your deck a brand new look.


Check its latest price here 


4.  THOMPSON’S WATERSEAL TH.041841-16 Transparent Waterproofing Deck Stain

THOMPSONS WATERSEAL Transparent Waterproofing Stain

The THOMPSONS WATERSEAL Transparent Waterproofing Stain is yet another great deck stain that is specially formulated for all types of woods. It’s also a great choice for wood restoration.

Besides allowing the natural wood grain and texture on your deck wood to show, this waterproof stain also adds a protective layer against external elements like UV rays and water.

Since its waterproof, this stain does a great job preventing water damage on your deck. It’s therefore able to resist mold and mildew that often cause rotting. According to the manufacturer, its waterproofing ability lasts even after the initial water beading is far gone.

The staining formula includes some advanced Polymers that provide your deck wood with a fade resistant color. The coating resists UV rays damage, so your deck won’t start fading even with prolonged exposure.

As a transparent wood stain, the THOMPSONS WATERSEAL Stain gives your deck a clean yet beautiful finish.

The stain is quite durable. According to the manufacturer, a single coat of this stain will protect your deck for 3 years and 4 years on your wood siding and fences.

More Benefits;

  •   Stain is fast-drying- dries


  •   A single gallon will cover 150 to 400sq.ft


  •   Easy to clean with just soap and water


NB: Be sure to remove any flaking, peeling, or loose stain before applying the stain. Otherwise, the new coat may start peeling and flaking.


Our Verdict

The THOMPSONS WATERSEAL Waterproofing Wood stain is a superior stain that enhances the look of your weathered wood deck while protecting it from water and sun damage. It’s reasonably priced and provides great value for money as it’s quite long-lasting.


Check its latest price here


5. Cabot 140.0003458.007 Australian Timber Deck Oil Stain

Cabot 140.0003458.007 Australian Timber Oil Stain

The Cabot Australian Timber Oil Stain is yet another incredibly popular deck stain. It’s a unique blend of oils that was originally formulated to protect the very dense tallowwood, merbau, and cambara trees from exposure to the extreme climate of Australia.

The oil stain specifically contains linseed oil which ensures maximum penetration, tung oil for enhanced water repellency and deeper color, as well the long-oil-alkyds which increases durability.

Generally, the Cabot timber oil stain delivers a 3-way oil penetration for a beautiful and long-lasting look.

The oil is excellent for the weathered wood on your deck. Since its waterproof, your weathered deck won’t rot as a result of prolonged water damage.

Additionally, the oil provides superior UV rays protection as it contains translucent iron oxide pigments which prevents fading.

If your deck is made of those super dense hardwoods, the Cabot is a durable oil stain that will leave a desirable finish.

The Cabot Timber Oil stain is available in 5 different wood toned colors.


Our Verdict


Oil-based stains are known to provide a more beautiful and long-lasting finish. So if you’re looking for the best oil-based deck stain for weathered wood, the Cabot Timber Oil is an excellent choice. It’s also reasonably priced, which makes it a great choice if you’re on a budget.


Check its latest price here 


6. KILZ L832211 Exterior Waterproofing Deck Stain

KILZ L832211 Exterior Waterproofing Wood Stain

KLZ L832211 Exterior Waterproofing Wood Stain is yet another high-quality and long-lasting deck stain that offers long-lasting protection against external elements while enhancing the look of your weathered deck.

The stain is waterproof, mildew resistant, and UV-rays resistant.

The stain is made of 100 percent Acrylic that protects wood from snow, water, and sun damage.

The manufacturer recommends using it on properly prepared new to moderately weathered and unsealed exterior wood surfaces- probably those that have endured 0-10 years of exposure. It’s therefore suitable for decks, wood patio furniture, wooden sidings, shingles, fences, shakes, railings, and other exterior wood surfaces.

A single gallon of the KILZ Wood stain will cover an estimated 250 sq.ft for the first coat and up to 500 sq.ft for the second coat.

If the surface is a little bit wet, the manufacturer recommends waiting at least 24 hours before applying the first coat for best results.

Overall, the KILZ Semi-Transparent Wood Stain is an excellent choice for your deck and other exterior wood surfaces as it offers long-lasting protection in addition to reviving your old, weathered deck. It’s reasonably priced and will cover significantly large surfaces.


Check its latest price here


7. Olympic Stain 56504-1 Maximum Deck Stain

Olympic Stain 56505-1 Maximum Wood Stain

Last but not least, we have the Olympic 56504-1 Wood Stain and Sealer.

This stain and sealant in one formulation both enhances your deck’s weathered wood while enhancing its appearance. Since the stain is available in various colors, you can choose one that you feel best suits your deck.

The stain creates a waterproof coat that protects wood against water damage. This formulation also blocks the damaging sun’s UV rays that cause discoloration and fading, ensuring your deck maintains its color for a very long time.

One gallon of the Olympic stain will cover approximately 250-350 sq.ft. A single gallon is therefore suitable for a small to medium deck. Two gallons of this stain will cover approximately 600 sq.ft while three or more gallons should cover over 850 sq.ft.

With its weather-ready application, you can start applying it when the air and surface temperature are as low as 35 Degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the stain is rain-ready after just 8 hours.

Overall, the Olympic Wood stain is an excellent deck stain that when applied properly will improve your old deck and protect it from the elements. You get to choose from a wide range of colors plus a single gallon will go a long way. It’s easy to apply and comes at an affordable price.


Check its latest price here


Best Deck Stain for Weathered Wood- Bottom Line


The more your deck stays unmaintained, the higher the risk of rotting and fading due to water damage and UV rays exposure. The good news is that maintaining your deck isn’t very complicated because the stain can even last years. So there is absolutely no excuse for not staining the weathered wood on your deck.

We have provided a comprehensive review of the 7 best deck stains for weathered wood. We highly recommend the ReadSeal Waterproofing Wood Stain and Sealer as its not only very protective, but it also lasts quite long especially since its an oil-based stain.